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Kimberly Davis

@alanristic You do a great job modeling the way! #leadership, #leader, #business, #entrepreneur

Heather Monschein

Thank you again for all the help and guidance you have been providing and will hopefully continue to do so. You are such a blessing to this endeavor.
How do business and life you enjoy actually looks like?
Live Your Life on
Your Own Terms
Imagine doing the work that inspires you

Instead of being enslaved by your own business just to make money or worse — working at some lousy 9-5 job no-one-knows-why just to make a living and pay the bills. It’s inhuman & waste of your potential!

You are a human, not a systematic cog. You should do the work that inspires you. The one with your calling.

The point of life is passion and fulfillment, —living a life with the sense of purpose, do you agree?

Imagine making more money

I believe financial freedom is the term that’s used by successful Leaderpreneurs. What would you do with extra bucks? Help yourself get out of debt? Help your relatives, friends? Switch your current job? Who would you save? Imagine your financial worries disappear!

Un-chain yourself from the maximum amount of money you can earn at the end of the month with your 9-5 salary paycheck or your currently struggling business. It’s all about strategies and concepts —skills you can learn by building business you enjoy here— that simple.

Imagine having more time

Did you know that time is the only scarce resource you have in your life? It can’t be rolled back or refilled. But time surplus can be used on things that matter most to you!

Are you working 8 do 12 hours in your 9-5 job? Or if you are struggling business owner or modern startup entrepreneur even 16 to 20 hours a day? I know it hurts, I’’ve been there too.

Now imagine working just 6 hours? What about 4 or 2 hours a day? What about day off when you feel like it? What would you do with your extra time? Hang out with your friends? Play your hobby? Invest that extra free time in your child’s upbringing?

The point here is not to work as little as you can but as much as you choose to and when you feel inspired to work. That’s we are all after with time.

Imagine working from any place you want

Driving to work can put stress on your time and money. You need 1hour in one way, 1hour back, that are two hours a day. 10hours/week, 40hours/month, 480hours/year. Ouch!

Again, with place freedom it isn’t about working from home but about you having the ability to choose where you feel like working. Do you want to work from home? Ok. Do you want to work from office? Ok. Do you want to work while traveling? Ok. Do you want to be able to do it all? That’s ok too.

It all depends from your lifestyle and the fact that you should organize the business you love around the life you love, not enslaving your life around your business.

Technology and remote teams help you get your place freedom.

Imagine having the ability to execute your genious ideas

We’ve all been there, you have this crazy idea you’d like to implement but run into “that’s not priority right now” or “do your own stuff on your own time, don’t waste company resources” from your superiors? Or maybe you invested so much emotions and energy and time and money into producing something nobody wanted when was finally ready? I feel you.

Now imagine you could have the ability to implement whatever genius idea sparks in your mind and validate it—fail, learn and adapt—fast so it’s predestined for success. Wouldn’t that make your life so much more playful?

Imagine making more local or global impact on people

You have initiative that you know would help people in some way and you can’t comprehend why they don’t react? Why people just won’t take time to listen? Why are they so careless? It’s frustrating I know.

Now imagine not just being understood by the right audience you want to reach but also getting their help in the change you’re trying to make. There are formulas and approaches that have been figured out, you just have to know and use them do deliver your initiative the right way to the right people.

Imagine being truly safe

You know how the lightning strikes, right? It hits you before you see it. You suddenly stay without a job investing 15 years of your life in one or few skills that are replaced by outsourced underpaid worker.

Or you have an idea what to do better when you see the opportunity, but you don’t have control on decisions since you are not CEO or manager or some other “chief rabbit” in your organization hierarchical structure.

It’s sad to see people suddenly realize their “steady income” safety was an illusion.

Look, by 2020 by OECD report, EU and USA will only account for around 25% of college-educated people in the world. Where that leaves you? And I didn’t even mentioned robotization and virtual reality here.

To be short. The end of jobs as we know it, is happening and you are living in the middle of it, like it or not.

Now, imagine having relationship with people that trust you, like you and support you as their Leader by buying your products. Imagine knowing exactly what they want now and next so you can provide more real validated value for them in exchange for money or other resources as you like.

Imagine having leadership partners who help you succeed.

Imagine earning commissions on products you helped create.

By creating business and life you enjoy on healthy core values, you help form a Tribe with purpose—the only true safe environment that’s influenced by you and your actions.

Penina Rybak

.@alanristic THANK YOU for your kindness, compliments, & teachings! You display true #leadership & style on Twitter!

Nada Andersen

@alanristic thank you. For many things you say that calibrate the mind.
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You don't have a business yet

You just want to make some extra money on the side beside your current job to buy something super expensive (like car or house) and you don’t know what type of work to do or maybe you have too many ideas and you are not sure which one is the right one for you.

You are just starting out

You have a product or service you believe will make the real difference in other people lives and you feel overwhelmed and frustrated with all the information out there and you have no clue where to begin.

You've beein in a business for a while

You are still struggling with your clients, partners, teams, internal processes etc.
You feel exhausted and sometimes powerless constantly pushing all the “moving parts” into place.
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I’ll give you modern knowledge —
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how to create a business and life you enjoy
without you working non-stop struggling to make money and killing your life in the process.

Having a successful business is simple
when you know and understand the right mechanics.

Seth Godin
Tony Robbins
Tony Robbins
marie forleo
Marie Forleo
Simon Sinek
Steve Jobs
Steve Jobs
Strategies, tips and know-how that you’ll receive
were cooked up from 8 years of personal intensive trial and error and
from study of dozens super successful leaders, entrepreneurs,
their business use-cases and their life’s — giants from variety of fields
who move the needle in this world with their own work.

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I do recommend to take a walk on the TL of @alanristic. Fresh air for any day.


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